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How To Become a 
6-Figure Coach 
Even if you've never coached anyone before and have no idea about coaching
We Will Show You The NLP Coaching System - Absolutely FREE!
(Valued at $197)
Mantra On View
22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Monday 4th of March
@ 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Discover How To Become A Coach, Guaranteed!
Are You Struggling To Find Your Passion & Your Purpose?
But You Really Want To Breakthrough And Create Change In Your Life...
What You Will Learn At 
Laptop Coaches Live
At this free live seminar you'll be able to discover how to become a 6-figure coach and get a deeper understanding of your purpose.

You can accelerate personal growth and results , find your purpose, and learn the exact step-by-step system used by Top Coaches Around the World...

Heck, you may even completely transform your life!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this free live seminar:

✔️ Discover the secrets to becoming a 6-figure laptop coach...

✔️ Find out what that inner voice has been trying to tell you...

✔️ Uncover a way to become "unstuck" and gain clarity & direction...

✔️ Master sales & influencing others...

✔️ Finally get clarity on your goals...

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this free live seminar where you can discover the framework for becoming a 6-Figure Laptop Coach.
Ludo Courbin, Sydney NSW

Michael changed my life through NLP, using time line therapy, parts integration... Such an amazing breakthrough, releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions & limiting beliefs. Before doing this, I had a belief that "I was not enough"... and it was causing me lack of fulfilment and not taking action in my life... I got a new client to pay me within 10 minutes of finishing my breakthrough with Michael. Seriously amazing!! it’s the best gift you can give to your self. Don’t hold yourself back anymore and get in touch with Michael and change your life.
Discover The Proven System Used by Top Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success & Avoid Making Mistakes
What You're Going To Learn at
"Laptop Coaches Live"
Master Your Mind & Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs using NLP!
Find Your Purpose & Discover How to Coach Others and Get Paid For It!
Following the Proven System Used by 
Top Coaches to Achieve Success!
Save Time & Money By Avoiding Mistakes!
Event Details
Laptop Coaches Live
FREE (Normally $197)
Gold Coast
Mantra On View
22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Monday 4th of March
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Katie Godden , Rural NSW

I’m a school teacher from rural NSW, and I recently attended a training with Michael.

When I first became a coach my BIGGEST concern was how on earth I was going to get clients into my coaching business, as I knew nothing about Marketing and I was worried about having to sell to people, as I didn’t like the idea of being ‘salesy’.

After working with Michael, I now attract clients into my business and now use NLP strategies that don't Make me feel like a sales person. I'm now looking at transitioning out of my teaching career and go 100% into coaching full time!

Michael is extremely professional who models true versatility and excellence in business.
This FREE advanced Live training is limited... so reserve your spot now!
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